Lucky Lucy

Lucy loves water.
Lucy loves water.

One of my favorite things to do is to spend Sunday mornings in the South Mountain Reservation. Whether I’m biking, hiking, running or taking Lucy for a walk, I alway feel energized and happy.

I hope you enjoy this 1minute, 46 second video of my favorite furry, four-legged companion, Lucky Lucy.  Lucy had the best time playing with her friends Tucker the Black Lab, Max the German Shepherd, Ace, the Rottweiler mix and even Dexter, a Pointer mix.  Guess what?  Lucy’s tail stayed fluffy the whole time.  Watching Lucy play is sheer joy.

There’s just something about the air on Sunday mornings that clears my head.

What clears your head?


12 thoughts on “Lucky Lucy

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  2. Lucy looked very happy playing with her friends. She’s adorable–the cutest one there. 🙂 I’m glad that’s such a great head-clearing spot for you. I like to take a walk and listen to the birds. Sometimes, I simply walk outside and stand near the trees, watching the birds.


  3. Just precious, Naomi. Lucy didn’t seem to mind not getting a turn either. She just liked being with her furry friends. Lucy is lucky indeed. Lucky to have you and your family and her wonderful friends.


    1. naomimgruer

      Thanks Lyn! The funny thing is Lucy doesn’t like to go all the way in even though she has webbed feet, so she hangs out where the water is shallow and grabs the frisbees from the other dogs as they come ashore. You have to be prepared for all the mud flying when they shake!


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