Spa Birthday Party

Tissue paper flowers in the ,kitchen
Tissue paper flowers in the kitchen.

What kind of a party is perfect for girls of many ages?

A spa party!

If you read my post Lemons and Limes Inspired Party Decor, you’ll know 1) I love to throw parties, 2) I prefer to throw them at home and 3) why I prefer to throw parties at home (three words: I’m in charge).

So, when I came across the birthday party my good friend threw for her daughter on her blog Three Different Meals, I just knew Tween Daughter was going to like it.

We set up spa stations and I hired Teen Daughter and her friend to be beauticians. The guests loved getting their own white waffle weave robes to wear at the party and take home as favors.

Tween Daughter, Teen Daughter and Hubby all agreed:  this was one of our nicest parties yet.  The girls loved the theme and getting pampered.  They didn’t even mind the classical music playing while they got facials.

Decor:  tissue paper flowers and balloons in bright colors and my own paper lanterns.

Snacks: yogurt-covered pretzels, dried fruit and sparkling lemonade

Dinner Menu:  caesar salad, baked ziti, garlic bread, plain pasta for picky eaters, pink lemonade, cake, and ice-cream sundaes

Spa Stations:  Mani/Pedis–set up in family room. I put a big sheet down on top of the carpet so I wouldn’t have to worry about spills. Homemade Body Scrub–set up in kitchen. Small glass jars* and ingredients were lined up.  Girls wrote their names on tops of jars with a Sharpie. Pre-printed and ribboned labels were tied around jars after scrub was made.  Mini-Facials, Hand Massages and Face Masks— set up in a bedroom near a bathroom for access to a sink.  I had a pile of washcloths and towels handy so girls could wash off the mask after 10 minutes.

Favors:  robes, Scrunchies and jars of homemade body scrub

Lanterns and tissue paper .flower in the dining room
Lanterns and tissue paper flower in the dining room.
Table set and ready.
Table set and ready.
Glass jars set up at "body scrub station."
Glass jars set up at “body scrub station.”
Ingredients for body scrub.
Ingredients for body scrub.
body scrubs with labels
body scrubs with labels
consistency of body scrub is  gritty and moist
consistency of body scrub is gritty and moist

Brown Sugar Body Scrub


3 cups dark brown sugar

1/2 cup Extra Virgin olive oil

4 Tablespoons honey

1/2 teaspoon Vitamin E oil

15 -20 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Directions:  Mix all of the ingredients. Stir well.

Yield: approximately 3 ounces (in a 4 ounce jar) and the measurements above yielded enough for 5 girls’ jars.

Directions on labels:

Use a washcloth to gently apply scrub to wet skin in a circular motion.  Avoid using on sensitive skin, in cuts, or on irritated or sunburned skin.  Sugar scrubs are not recommended for the face.  Thoroughly rinse with warm water.

Caution:  the oil in the sugar scrub can cause the tub to become slippery.

*Source:  Specialty Bottle Supply

Mani/ pedi station.
Mani/ pedi station.
snacks by mani/pedi station
snacks by mani/pedi station
facial station
facial station
Tween Daughter with avacado mask
Tween Daughter with avacado mask.
girls in robes
girls in robes
robes wrapped and ribboned
robes wrapped and ribboned with body scrubs in gift bags
chocolate-covered strawberries
chocolate-covered strawberries
cake and ice cream
cake and ice cream


14 thoughts on “Spa Birthday Party

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    1. Look who’s talking! All we do is put our heart and soul into these things because outlets for our creativity make us happy, and happy is what we want to be for out sweet petunias!


  3. Kim B.

    Love the hanging paper flowers! So colorful and festive, looks like it was an amazing party. I love your special touches, like the labels for the body scrub. Nothing better than an at-home party.


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