Lemons and Limes Inspired Party Decor

Triplets at their high school graduation party.
Triplets at their high school graduation party. (Notice the watermelon fruit basket.  How to make it was in the previous post.)

My three big kids graduated from high school last year.  Were we going to have a party to celebrate?  You bet!

Since my kids were little, I enjoyed coming up with party themes and color schemes.  I am passionate about parties.

Most of my kids’ parties have been at home.  People often say, “Wow, how can you handle all those kids at your house?”  (I have triplets plus one, duh!)

Maybe they think I’m trying be Martha Stewart.  (Well, I do like her ideas….)

Maybe they think I’m a Domestic Diva (Ummm, did you know my nickname is the “Laundry Wench?”)

Maybe they think I’m crazy! (Aren’t we all a little bit crazy?)  

The real reason I prefer parties at home?  CONTROL.  I like to be in control (hubby is nodding his head vigorously).  There, I said it!  If I throw a party at my house, I can be in charge of when the party starts and ends, when food is served and what activities there are.  Now you know one of my flaws–or–assets, however you look at it.

The party decor for the triplet’s high school graduation party was inspired by lemons and limes.  Not only did I use green and yellow for linens and paper goods, I incorporated the fruit in the centerpieces.  The whole house smelled like Lemon Pledge!

I have a collection of glass vases (Hubby, thanks for the Valentine’s flowers over the years!) that I use any chance I get.  I rented two tents, tables, chairs and linens.


Cheese-n-crackers, crudite, chips-n-dip

Wraps:  veggie and tuna

Salads:  caeser, tossed, crunchy mixed veggies, pasta

Sides:  noodle kugel (homemade by moi, three big trays eaten up!)

Dessert:  two sheet cakes:  one vanilla, one chocolate, homemade chocolate chip cookies,    candy tray and fruit

Drinks:  lemonade (of course), water, soda and a guest brought alcohol-free mudslides

So fun!

Food tent.
Food tent.
I used alternating green and yellow linens.
I used alternating green and yellow linens.
I offset the lemons and limes and yellow Gerber Daisies with a lavender ribbon around each vase.
I offset the lemons, limes and yellow Gerber Daisies with lavender ribbons around each vase.
Pretty and fresh-scented centerpieces.
Pretty and freshly-scented centerpieces.

Leaving you with a “sweet taste” in your mouth… and I’d love to know if 

you like to entertain and if you threw a party you were proud of? 

homemade chocolate chip cookies
homemade chocolate chip cookies 

23 thoughts on “Lemons and Limes Inspired Party Decor

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  2. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

    Hi Naomi,delightful post Lemons and Limes ,great combination to cool any hot California summer day.My wife and l ,have 7 grand kids they come over to swim .thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful day.jalal


  3. Congratulations to the graduates and to the mommy who raised them! I’ve got a long way to go b/f I have a teen, but I’ve always heard that being the “go-to house” for your teenager is a wonderful way to know your child’s friends…who they hang out with…what they are like, etc. I’ve also heard that having a swimming pool and lots of food on hand is one way to be the go-to house.


    1. In lieu of a swimming pool, I had a Slip-n-Slide and sprinklers. Food? Well, of course! Since I’m (extremely cranky) when I’m hungry, I assume everyone else is, too, hence the kitchen is always open. 🙂


  4. Andrew Milsten

    Love the picture of the kids! The vases with the lemons and limes are cool also – especially, since I’m typing this on July 4th and it is hot…. lemonade anyone?


  5. Shari, entertaining here goes in batches. We either have a bunch of parties or none at all. Mainly, celebrations have been kid-driven but I get into each one from soup to nuts. House projects? Well, that’s a whole other set of posts!


  6. Love the photos of your wonderful children and the great party you threw for them! I will be trying the lemon in flower vase display thanks to you!!
    I do like to entertain, but have not done so much of it in a while. I’ve gotten caught up with everyday stuff and also wanting to re-do my deck…. We used to throw a Backyard Bash– about 3 years in a row over 10 years ago. Every now and then we talk about doing that again– you’ve inspired me to consider it…!


  7. Lesley Newman

    love the lemon and lime vases! Truly creative and looks fantastic as centerpieces.
    love the watermelon basket. reminds me of the one my mom used to make for our fourth of july picnics.


  8. Wow. You are the awesomest mom ever. Congrats on your triplets’ graduation. What an achievement! Love the daisy centerpieces.

    P.S. I answered your question on my blog. Here’s my mini-answer: persistence!


  9. Fun, creative, truly a Party Central place to be. The colors of green and yellow combines the feeling of freshness and sunshine. My mom used to host my school parties too as well as that of my sisters. They love meeting their kid’s friends and being a part of the many memoriable events in their lives. Wishing you and your family many exciting family celebrations ahead.


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