Purple Flower Power at Greenwood Gardens


This is my second post featuring purple flowers.  The original Purple Flower Power was seen last fall.  As I mentioned in Pink Flower Power, taking flower photographs has been somewhat of an obsession this spring.  I recently took a photography workshop held by Joy Yagid at Greenwood Gardens.  Not only was I inspired by the flowers, but my imagination went wild when I came across stone royalty (look for them in a future post).  Guess where I’m going to write, photograph and meditate on my dreams?

Where do you go to find inspiration?


6 thoughts on “Purple Flower Power at Greenwood Gardens

  1. Someone on my blog suggested that I get a camera. I do need one. But even if I had one, it takes skill to frame a shot. You have that skill. Me? I’ve had cameras before. I wind up cutting off people’s heads. These photos are so scrumptious I had to tweet this post. Finally following you on Twitter.


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