Antidote to Evil–Responsibility

Pregnant with triplets, week 31.
Thirty one weeks pregnant with triplets.
Triplets at 12 weeks.
Triplets at 12 weeks.

What are “antidotes to evil?”  As I learn of the world’s tragedies, horrors–unthinkable and senseless acts all–inflicted on people by other people, I wonder how to regain faith in humanity, how to feel sadness without letting it seep into my pores and effect my outlook.

My personal “antidotes to evil” include:  sweetness as in kindness, generosity and caring; the family we grew up with and the family we create; and faith, whatever religion you are and whatever that means to you.

Another word keeps circling overhead like the red-tailed hawk that rings the tall pine trees surrounding my house–responsibility.

On a small, personal scale, I was responsible for staying as healthy as I could in order to care for my unborn children.  As any parent can attest, taking care of newborns is an immense responsibility.

We have so much to teach our children.  Empathy, respect, the ability to determine right from wrong, recognizing beauty in people and the world around us, understanding the effect of our actions, and learning how to love and laugh top the list of the many things we have the responsibility to mean…to model…and to pass on.

I realize my view might be perceived as Polyannaish and doesn’t  take into account sociological and societal factors.  Still.  I can only hope that by being responsible, we can transform horrifying to happy, enmity to amity, and hatred to harmony.



21 thoughts on “Antidote to Evil–Responsibility

  1. It’s a joy to see you here with your beautiful triplets. This is something we all can embrace everyday,”My personal “antidotes to evil” include: sweetness as in kindness, generosity and caring; the family we grew up with and the family we create; and faith, whatever religion you are and whatever that means to you.” Thanks. Best wishes to your family.


  2. I love your message. It is an important reminder for all of us, especially in the ways we teach our children. Today I am working on respect for others, a lesson I think my daughters still need to work on!


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