Antidote to Evil–Family

Lean on me.
Lean on me.

This week’s posts will be my take on “Antidotes to Evil.”  The phrase popped in my head last week after news of the Boston Marathon bombing.  My youngest daughter expressed concern about not being safe at a marathon, movies, mall or in school.  I told her when I was her age, we didn’t worry (or even think) about the horrific things she sees in the news. Then I gave her a hug.

Family is one of the most important “Antidotes to Evil,” and one facet of family is siblings. My father took and developed the photo above in his darkroom. In this picture taken at the Maryland shore, I am standing in the middle while my sister and brother are on either side of me. Hon, this photo of us is one of my favorites!

Now that we are grown up, my sister, brother and I don’t slam each other’s bedroom doors, play tricks on each other, push and shove each other in the backseat of our parents’ cars, spy on each other when we have friends over or whine that, “It’s not fair…!”  As adults, my siblings and I support each other.

What word describes your relationship with your siblings?  How are they and your family your “Antidote to Evil?”

My sister and her youngest daughter.
My sister and her youngest daughter.
My brother on his wedding day.
My brother and his beautiful bride on their wedding day.  (disclaimer, I didn’t take this photo.)
Triplets plus one.
Triplets plus one, the next generation.
My immediate family.
My immediate family.

13 thoughts on “Antidote to Evil–Family

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  2. You have a lovely family. I love these antidotes to evil posts. Great idea. I also have a wonderful family, which includes a huge extended family and friends who are like family to me, especially my great classmates at VCFA.


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  4. To choose one word: forever. My sister and I are miles apart (Colorado and NJ), but we are best friends forever. I truly believe that we can count on our family no matter what. Friends can come and go and sometimes lose touch, but family is forever. While we might not necessarily have chosen our siblings as best friends, we are bound together for better or worse!
    Btw, your photos are all gorgeous and have such beautiful feeling in them!


    1. Shari, what a great word! As adults, we look back to our childhoods for answers, lessons, influences, memories and instruction. We are bound to those who shared our childhoods with us–forever.


  5. Kim

    I’ve never seen that photo of you three, it’s really a fantastic picture. I would like a copy! I like the wedding photo of your brother on his wedding day also. 🙂


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