Boston Bound

Qunicy Market, Boston, MA

Qunicy Market, Boston, MA

Triplets, age 10, about to go on a Boston Duck Tour (land and water tour)

Triplets, age 10, about to go on a Boston Duck Tour (land and water tour)

street performers

street performers

Quincy Market, Boston, MA

Quincy Market, Boston, MA

This is how I am bound to Boston.

Fall semester, senior year of college I lived in Brookline while I interned as an assistant buyer at Filene’s.  My husband went to MIT.  My brother got married in Boston and lives right outside of the city now.  An emergency room doctor, he and his family happened to be in Manhattan yesterday.  My sister attended Boston University and my niece graduated from B.U. a year ago.  My college age triplets have friends who attend universities in Boston. Our dear friends were watching the marathon two floors up from the bombing.

And I just read L.A. Byrne’s blog post, “Running For Boston” about her daughter who runs and her son who attends Boston College.

The horror. The unspeakable.



11 thoughts on “Boston Bound

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  2. Hi Naomi, you and your family have such ties and memories with Boston.Its senseless act of terror which caused so much pain to every one of us specially to the victims.There are those who hate America ,l hope they will be caught soon.WE pray for every one who is effected by the tragedy.Regards.jalal

  3. My husband’s family lives in the Boston area, and we go up there often to visit them. Thankfully they weren’t near the marathon, but it’s still such a shock. I hope your family and friends in the area are all ok, and my heart goes out to all those affected by this tragedy.

  4. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.

    Yesterday afternoon my son was with his friends, huddled around cell phones, trying to get information on runners and spectators they knew. One friend lost a leg. Another had shrapnel embedded in his face. As the afternoon went on, I stopped receiving updates and Brian asked me to text him the 23rd psalm.

  5. I saw your comments at L. A. Byrne’s blog and appreciated your post here and your photos. I’ve only visited Boston, but I loved being there. So yes, we all feel the pain of yesterday’s events.

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