The Next Big Thing–Blog Hop Part II


Recently, I participated in The Next Big Thing–Blog Hop thanks to the fabulous young adult writer, L.A. Byrne.  Describing aspects of writing the picture book Cora Gets Carried Away made my main character, Cora, feel real.  I met a writer of middle grade fantasy, Leslie Zampetti at a SCBWI Meditation Workshop and tagged her as a writer to watch.  I have one more writer to introduce.

Kim Beck and I went to college together and, along with four other girls, lived together in  a house junior year.  We go a lonnng way back.  Who would have guessed that her oldest daughter and my youngest daughter would be born just three months apart, that I would live in her hometown and that we would both be bitten by the writing bug?  (Speaking of bugs, check out the newly released picture book Bug Patrol by Denise Dowling Mortensen or what non-fiction author Lyn Sirota says is her secret.)

Back to Kim.  In her “The Next Big Thing–Blog Hop” post, she provides a link to the first chapter of her young adult dystopian novel, The Interpreters.  Love it!  (and not just because I’m biased).

Hon, I now end my cover letters and queries to publishers with “Hope Springs Eternal” because WE are the Next Big Things.

Which children’s book authors have made an impression on you?


6 thoughts on “The Next Big Thing–Blog Hop Part II

  1. Naomi, you have been such an inspiration (for many things!), for your persistence and your words of encouragement. I love your blog, your stories are warm and funny, and you are a beautiful writer. Straight from the heart.


  2. What an amazing talent. An inspiration for us all. As a child, I love reading books of adventures, superheroes, nursery rhymes, even fairy tales. Just can’t remember who the author was. I’m getting old, huh? Have a great weekend.


  3. Thanks Sue! Darcy and I are reading “The Tiger Rising” by Kate DiCamillo and I’m amazed at how she paints pictures with words. When she spoke at a SCBWI conference last June, you could hear a pin drop. We all hung on her every word and I was nearly brought to tears by the beauty of her speech.


  4. Sue

    Love this Nay!! Authors I love are Beverly Cleary, Russell Hoban, Ronald Dahl, Dr. suess, and the one who wrote “Runaway Bunny” and “Good Night Moon”… Love, Sue

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