Birthday Plus Suit Equals ?



Have you ever been to Jamaica?

My family recently vacationed in Jamaica for two and a half days.  Why so short?  We squeezed the trip between my triplet’s college spring breaks.  On the hour long van ride from the airport to the resort, we soaked in the sunshine, warm weather, mountainous countryside and turquoise water.  We laughed when our driver said, “Yeah, mon,” laughed when the college boys in our van bought beer at a rest stop (drinking age is 18), and laughed when our driver missed his first drop off and had to turn around  (“No problem, mon.”)  We were all in a good mood.

Sitting behind me in the van was a couple who had been to Jamaica many times.  They were friendly. They were funny. They were tan.  As in, tanning for many years at a tanning salon tan. The driver had missed their stop.  When we finally pulled up to their resort, “The N Resort”, the husband said, “Don’t judge.”  Huh? I thought.

After we dropped off the couple and drove away, I asked the driver, “What does the ‘N’ in “The N Resort” stand for?”

“You know, mon, your birthday suit,” the driver said.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Your birthday (pause) suit!” the driver repeated.

It took me a couple of seconds.  “The “N” is for Naked?”

Collectively, everyone on the van exclaimed,”Ohhhhh!”

We were all laughing then.

“Yeah mon, for real!”


9 thoughts on “Birthday Plus Suit Equals ?

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  3. denise mortensen

    Oh my, good thing the driver didn’t take a wrong turn inside the N Hotel complex. I’ll bet there would have been some pretty funky sights! Haha!


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