Snow Puppy

Lucy looking for her ball in the snow.
Lucy looking for her ball in the snow.

Happy First Day of Spring!

So why am I posting “Snow Puppy?”  This video is my send-off to Old Man Winter. Thanks, O. M. W. for the beautiful snow-covered branches, angels in garden gates, days spent skiing and sledding, and for the reason to drink hot chocolate every day.

Hon, I hope you enjoy this 1minute 2 second video of Lucy hopping in the snow and I hope it’s the last we see of snow for awhile.

“Snow Puppy” link.  Thanks for watching!


16 thoughts on “Snow Puppy

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  3. jalal michael sabbagh.

    Superb post beautiful pictures.l am glad you liked my post ( Stop complaining…) jalal


  4. ina

    if only everyone was frolicking outside like that. I’m ready to frolic in warmer weather. More snow tomorrow they say. thanks for sharing. xo


  5. denise mortensen

    So adorable, Naomi! I think Lucy was the only one who felt that way about this last round of snow! Spring can’t come soon enough!


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