Infinity Scarf

Here I am wearing my Infinity Scarf.  So comfy!
Here I am wearing my Infinity Scarf. So comfy!
Infinity Scarf laid out.
Infinity Scarf laid out.
Knit and purl side are visible.
Knit and purl sides are visible.

Hon, I found only one skein of this gorgeous, hand painted Schaefer yarn/ Elaine, color Nellie Bly (99% Merino Wool, 1% Nylon), and the idea of an Infinity Scarf was born.  I had knit a bunch of hats and mittens for my kids (I’m still working on another hat) and decided I could use a little warmth this winter.

I started knitting the scarf working in seed stitch (K1, P1) but then the slubs of the yarn were hidden.  So, I unraveled the seed stitches and started over.  I knit every round instead.  Both the knit side and purl side are visible when the scarf is worn.  This is an easy way to show off beautiful color and texture.


Using size 11 circular needles (or whatever size the gauge of your yarn calls for), cast on 131 stitches.

Join in the round.

Knit each round until scarf measures about 15 inches.  In this case, I used up the ball of yarn.

Bind off and weave in the ends.

Blocking and Setting the Color:

Pour 1/4 cup of white vinegar in a sink with filled with cold water.

Let the scarf sit for a bit.

Rinse the scarf out.

Lay flat to dry, pinning the edges to a towel with straight pins.  Blocking this way flattenens the edges somewhat.  I wanted some curl since the edges aren’t ribbed, but at the same time, they were curling too much.

When only slightly damp, I fluffed the scarf in my dryer on “Air Only” for about 15 minutes.

With the yarn softened and color set, the scarf was ready to wear.

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