Northeast Snowstorm


The first big snowstorm of Winter covers the ground and trees like a pure white fluffy blanket.  I am forever fascinated by the contrast of snow and branches.  The snow outlines limbs, hangs heavy on evergreens and diffuses sunlight. It even creates an angel on the top of a gate.








14 thoughts on “Northeast Snowstorm

  1. Hello Naomi, thank you for liking my quote ( if l tell…) l enjoy your blog. Have a beautiful week.jalal

  2. Beautiful winter storm.Reminds me of our years in Chicago..Have a nice day.jalal

  3. The bending tree at the trunk looks like it could be a person bending from the knees. Really beautiful naomi. I love looking at your pics.

  4. These are gorgeous photos! Just yesterday I put some photos of the blizzard up on my blog too – the snow might make things difficult, but it sure is beautiful! 🙂

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