Fender Bender–My Fault


Two weeks ago today, driving on the highway, I had a premonition.

A vision of a car accident floated into my head. I pushed it away, noting that the traffic on my side the highway wasn’t bad. Because of the premonition, I stayed in the middle lane behind a small truck going the speed limit. Let the cars whizz by, I thought. I’m fine where I am.

Hon, let me take a moment to say that I am a good driver.  I’ve chauffeured my four kids and their friends around for years and have taken good care of the precious cargo. The last fender bender I got into was fifteen years ago when the triplets were three.

There is a direct connection between having three year-old triplets and a slight loss in concentration, especially when all three children climbed out of their cribs the night before, I was overcome by the need to buy three toddler beds and assemble them immediately and a friend told me that a particular store had easy-to-assemble toddler beds in stock so, as soon as the sitter came, I rushed to said store and on the way I hit someone’s side-view mirror and, at first, didn’t leave a note but on the way home from the store the car with the dangling side view mirror was still there and I felt bad so I left a note and the man whose car it was thanked me profusely. (Whew!)

The whole incident cost me the price of three toddler beds, $100 for a side-view mirror and quite possibly a few years off my life. But, I digress.

After having the premonition and playing it safe, I had to merge onto another highway where traffic was heavy.  Needing to move over a lane at a split in the road, I turned my head for a second.  When I looked to the front again, all I saw was the cab of an 18 wheeler stopped dead in front of me! Slamming on the breaks didn’t help.  My car still needed time and space to stop.  I was out of both.  In slow motion and with lots of smashing glass and metal, I plowed into the back of the cab.

The driver pulled over.  So did I.  I said to the truck driver, “You stopped dead on the highway.”  His answer.  ‘Yup, I did.”  And that was that.

The good news about plowing into the back of an 18 wheeler’s cab is that 1) his truck had no damage and 2) he wasn’t hurt.  The bad news is that the hitches that stick out of his truck pierced the grill and radiator of my car.

But guess what?  I’m fine. I made it to my friend’s house, got towed back home and my car will be out of the shop next week.

I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere.  I just can’t concentrate long enough to figure it out!


4 thoughts on “Fender Bender–My Fault

  1. Beverly White

    Naomi–Thank G-d you are fine.I Hate highways.Last week I hit a detour sign and wound up on 287 South going 60 miles I could not wait to exit at BERNARDSVILLE .i WOUND UP AT WIGHTMAN FARMS ..BUT I FINALLY ARRIVED AT MY EYE DR.AFTER TAKING NEW ROADS THAT I WAS NOT FAMILIAR WITH.WHAT A DAY!


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