Hurricane Sandy–Uprooted

After five nights of dark and cold, we sought out warmer digs in Bmore or Baltimore.  Now, back in New Jersey, we are waiting to see if the Nor’easter will send us back on the road again.  The roads were salted early this morning and it just started snowing but, we are thankful that our house wasn’t damaged, happy that we have a house, fortunate that we have family to stay with and glad that we have wonderful friends and neighbors.  Hon, we are lucky!


8 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy–Uprooted

  1. jalal michael sabbagh.hyyp://

    Great post shows the powerful nature,and how weak humans are.One picture worth a 1000 words.Jalal MIchael


  2. rosanne

    Oh Naomi, I can’t even imagine what you’ve all been going through. The pictures are surreal.
    Your positive outlook is amazing! We love you guys. Zan


    1. Sue, it’s unbelievable how power lines snapped in half and trees toppled over. It looks like the snow we get tonight will be gone in another day–yay! (I love snow but not in early November.)


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