Polar Fleece Tug Toy

Polar Fleece Tug Toy

I am teaching an after school class for K-2 called Wags-n-Whiskers and found this easy to make fleece tug toy by Jennifer Lueck on the web-site Loving Paws (www.lovingpawsllc.com).


–1/3 yard polar fleece (1/3 yard=12 inches), you can use 1/3 yard of one color or three 4 inches wide by 60 inches long strips of contrasting colors.


–safety pin

–yardstick or ruler (to measure strips for cutting)


–Cut fabric so you have three 4 inches wide strips.

–Hold all three strips together and fold in half to find the center.  I used a safety pin to mark the middle.

–It helps if two people work together, one anchoring the fleece while one is braiding.  Starting in the middle, braid toward one end for about 5 inches. The fleece will seem wide at first but will curl while you are braiding.  Try to braid fairly tightly.

–Turn over and braid in the other direction for about 5 inches.

–Fold in half to form the handle.  Take the safety pin out.

–You will now have 6 strands.  Pair them together to form 3 sets of strands.

–Braid the 3 sets of strands to the end, braiding as tightly as possible.

–Tie a knot in the end and pull tight.  I took two strands that were towards the back of the braid, wrapped them around to the front of the braid, then knotted them together.  Then I took another two strand and knotted them together.

–Trim the ends of the strands with the scissors.

–The fleece is machine washable and dryable.  Woohoo!

Lucy loves her new tug toy.  She has already stretched it out and she’ll probably chew it up, but a busy (and tired) puppy is a happy puppy!


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