NYC State of Mind

Woohoo–I just learned how to create an IMovie!  At first, I wanted to share my photos of The High Line,  an aerial greenway created on a section of the former New York Central Railroad located in Chelsea.  Then I added more of my New York City photos and soon I had a 3 minute 32 second slide show set to one of my favorite songs.  The High Line is featured first, followed by Times Square, celebrity sightings, Lincoln Center, Big Bambu and Jeff Koons sculptures on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s roof garden, Central Park, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Yankee Stadium, Rockefeller Center, the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, the Statue of Liberty and a view of Lady Liberty from Liberty State Park.  Hon, I can’t take credit for the pics of Yankee Stadium (and son) or the ones with me in them, but the rest are mine.  Enjoy!


11 thoughts on “NYC State of Mind

  1. Beverly White

    I loved your movie.I wrote back but I don’t know if you got my reply.I wasn’t sure how to send it Bev Call me so we can ,meet for lunch


  2. Linda Malik

    Just watched the movie- loved it!!! Was that Tina Fey? How did you meet her? Who is the model in the red dress in Central Park? I remember that red wool coat Darcy had on- it’s Eisman isn’t it? Really enjoyed it! Linda

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Linda, Wow–I just posted it so thanks for watching! Yes, that’s Tina Fey. We happened upon the Date Night red carpet premiere and she came right over to us. Morgan hopped a fence to get the shot with Taylor Swift. Don’t know who the model is but loved the twirling dress. And, YES (!), Eisman it is. How I love that girl in a red, wool coat! 😀


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