Rude With a Capital “R”

Memory disclaimer.  My mind used to be clear, but now it’s sometime fuzzy.  I often wonder why I went upstairs in the first place, where I parked my car, and where I left my keys and phone.  Keeping track of triplets plus one, a husband, a house, a cat and a dog in addition to my never-ending list of things to do has turned the area between my ears either to cotton candy or cotton balls.  Either way, sometimes I can’t remember people’s names minutes (umm–seconds) after I’ve met them. I apologize!  I’m sorry!  Please forgive me!

If people could just walk around with “Hello My Name is…” tags, life would be much easier, thank you very much.

The above memory disclaimer is a preface to an upsetting social situation that happened two years ago.  Invited to a mutual friend’s party, an acquaintance and I were getting drinks at the same time.  I had run into this woman at other functions, maybe once a year.  Maybe not.  I don’t think we’d ever had a conversation but I’m sure we were introduced somewhere, sometime.

As we were both filling our cups, I said, “I apologize that I don’t remember your name.  I should, but my brain is fuzzy.” She made a face that looked like she’d sucked on a lemon and replied, “Then you just shouldn’t say anything because it makes you sound rude!”  And then she told me her name.  Insert awkward pause. I apologized.  Again.  She now looked like she’d swallowed the lemon whole as she stuck her nose in the air and humphed away.

My party-ready, friendly attitude burst like a balloon. I shuffled to my husband like a dog with her tail between her legs, wanting to leave the party and my faux pas behind.  I thought stating my memory disclaimer up front a nice thing to do. She thought I was rude.

Either way, two things were certain:  1)  I would never forget her name and 2) I would never say “hi” to her again.

Fast forward to another mutual friend’s party. Guess who sauntered in through the garden gate?  You got it, Miss Everybody Should Know My Name.  And when I said “hello”, guess what she said.  Still sucking on that lemon two years later, she looked me straight in the eye and told me her name!

Riff alert:  I will now riff on Saturday Night Live’s “Really” with Seth Meyers (and if we’re lucky, Amy Poehler).

Really?!?  Really, Miss Everybody Should Know My Name, just why should everybody know your name?  Are you the queen of daytime television?  A rock star?  The president?  The Pope?  Why does it matter if I know your name or not?  Really?  I’m not your mother, father, husband or child so why does it bother you if I forgot your name?  Really?  You have nothing better to do than to hold onto every perceived insult that comes your way?  Think of the amount of emotional energy it took to suck on that lemon for two whole years and then spit the seeds out at me once again.  Really!!!

Hon, there’s a saying that girls from Baltimore are far enough North to be savvy but far enough South to have some Southern charm.  To Miss Everybody Should Know My Name, I’m flat out of charm.

Who’s left holding the “R” now?


4 thoughts on “Rude With a Capital “R”

  1. Naomi-Definitely not worth an ounce of your energy. Would she rather you have taken a guess at her name and gotten it wrong. People are busy and stressed and she needs to get over herself. Or she needs the stick surgically removed from her arse!


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