Woohoo! (Long Version)

All of the clichés are true.  Time flies.  It seems like only yesterday.  They’ll always be my babies.

My seventeen-year old triplets graduated high school!

So congratulations to the class of 2012 and all of the hard working parents who:  took care of their infants wondering…

when they would sleep through the night, what their voices would sound like, when they would walk, when they’d be potty trained, where they would go to pre-school, how they would handle the separation and socialization, organized play dates and activities in all seasons, traveled far and wide, cried on the first day of kindergarten, had their first teacher conferences, read out loud with your children, helped with homework and projects, chaperoned field trips, attended countless concerts, shows and school events, volunteered at school, raised and donated money for the schools, made birthdays, holidays and family traditions a big deal, let your children gain independence in increments, put up with tweens and teens, dealt with hormones and puberty, accompanied your children to doctors’ appointments, trips to the ER and nursed them when they were sick, encouraged them to pursue the things they were good at, try the things they were afraid of and let go of the things and people that didn’t bring out the best in them, guided them to make safe choices, instilled family, religious and societal values, lent an ear and shoulder when they were disappointed, clapped and shouted loudly at sports events and at home, drove them to malls and movies, joined them at concerts, taught them how to eat healthy by cooking nutritious meals, set examples of how to treat friends, siblings, spouses and relatives, invited their friends into your homes, provided a safe and fun place to hang out, paid for tutors, toured campuses and discussed colleges, advocated for them and showed them how to advocate for themselves, helped them make choices that will impact the rest of their lives, have shopped for everything from diapers to dorm rooms,  and have given them a solid base so that may go out into the world honest, independent and empathetic and so that they may care for the themselves, others and the world.

If you are that parent, CONGRATS hon and WOOHOO!!


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