Dog Day Afternoon

Hon, it’s summer.  And hot.  A heat wave, actually.  I love it!  The heat makes me sweat and search for shade, but it also makes me smile.  The heat make me forget how it feels to have fingers so cold they turn yellow and numb–and that’s inside.

This is Lucy’s first summer with us since we adopted her last November.  When she’s outside, her refuge is the porch—either on it or under it.  Lucy is most likely a black Labrador Retriever/ Border Collie mix which means she runs in circles herding imaginary sheep and likes to fetch and swim.  On a walk near a river, we came across a man with a big black Lab.  Tucker was gracefully gliding in the water retrieving a tennis ball.  Invited to join, Lucy bounded into the water, doggie paddled to him, realized she was in too deep and doggie paddled back.  She looked like a fish out of water, all flopping, twisting and turning.  She loved the water even if she couldn’t swim like Tucker.  Even better was chasing him at 30 mph in the muddy river bank.

To cool off at home, I filled a tub with water.  She puts her face in the water and blows bubbles.  Think I need a bigger pool?


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