Flying High

At Club Med Sandpiper in Florida, I just had to try the trapeze. Thoughts as I climbed the ladder to the platform:
1. I’m not afraid of heights but, wow, this is high up.
2. Ummm, I have to stand on that thin platform?
3. Thank goodness I have a harness on (and there’s an instructor on the platform with me). Starting to wonder if this was a bad idea.
4. Grab the trapeze with my right hand. Got it.
5. Stretch, reach and grab the trapeze with my left hand while leaning my body over the platform–uhhh, I’d rather not!
6. Step off the platform, swing and use all of my strength to hook my legs over the trapeze–now!
7. Arch back, swing and I’m flying high!
8. Gottcha! I did the “catch”–OMG!!
9. A not so graceful drop to the net.
10. Exhiliration!


3 thoughts on “Flying High

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  2. Lin Vitale

    Enjoyed this so much. You have a lovely family and a wonderful dog too. Looking forward to reading more.

    Lin (writers’ group)


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